Get to know Spectrum Audio and our amazing team!  

One for All // That’s who and what we are… One company for all. Comprised and led by people with a passion for being their best, for you and for us.  Our objective is to help you realize your projects and ideas efficiently and effectively. Be it a new crossover for your 10 year old speakers you absolutely love and must fix, or a full blown specification for your new touring rig, we’ve got the talent on staff to keep the music pumping!

Why are we different? // You will find that Spectrum Audio is slightly different…….. Our staff is genuinely nice, and loves working with nice people! We take pride in excelling at our jobs, and not just auto-filling orders and processing shipments. We’ll go out of our way to help a friendly customer in need.

Our staff is readily available with experts in multiple fields, and is comprised of working professionals who can give you informed personal opinions, regarding your project and goals.

So don’t just check us out! Find out who we are, and let us show you what we can do.    

Our History // Spectrum Audio started in Los Angeles California circa 2002 by a team of trusted AV professionals working in the production industry. They set out with a mission to provide the best integration support in the country. Along the way, they began selling more and more equipment which lead us to become a multi-million dollar a year retailer. Several years ago we moved from L.A up to a little town called Maple Valley, WA. It was beautiful up there, but it never seemed to stop raining! In 2014 we re-located to Houston, TX which is now home sweet home. (It’s quite a bit hotter down here!)

Our Founder //

Jerry // a trained audio engineer was one of the original founders of Spectrum Audio. His 12 years of leadership helped grow the company to heights never anticipated. He currently serves as an advisor to our current CEO. 

Our Current Team //

john-and-warren.jpgJohn // is our new fearless leader. With a background in industrial distribution, he’s transforming the way we get products delivered. He has a passion for everything musical, but as he puts it,  “was not born with BB King rhythm,” so prefers to leave the music making to the pros. He jokes that he’s the worst singer around (kind of true), so made sure he could find the best singer possible to marry. His wife is none other than the talented Jessica Jones. She’s in the office quite a bit making sure we’re all in tune, especially John! (That's Warren Buffet telling him all his secrets! He still won't spill the beans on what he told him!)


Shelly // is our Amazing Customer Service lead. She still resides in WA, and gets to “enjoy” all that rain! She loves to customize just about everything, and cannot stand for things to be wrong, so expect for her to jump through hoops and work magic to get things fixed up. She has had a passion for music since a very young age and has dabbled in different musical instruments but loves to sing! Comes from a family (grandmother and mother) who sing in gigs but Shelly prefers to stick to her lengthy background of customer service and making people smile! 

contact: ext. 561

mike-brown.jpgMike // is our Sales lead. He’s on the North side of the Hollywood sign, so if you ask him how the weather is, be prepared to be disappointed with how it compares to yours! When he’s not specing a new sound system for a client, he’s working a live sound gig somewhere. He’s for hire, so feel free to reach out to him for your next gig. He’s got some serious knob turning skills!

contact ext. 981

rob.jpgRob // is our office lead / sales / everything guy. Also in our Houston office, he touches just about every part of the business. In his spare time, you’ll find him tinkering on some cool project he’s thought up, or making people pay up at the pool table. He forgets to tell the poor guys that he plays professionally at the highest ranks. We haven’t quite figured out his musical / audio talent, but seeing as his wife is just about done with her PhD in Piano, we give him a pass! 

contact ext. 983

Bobby // is our resident DJ / sales associate. He works in the office at our Houston warehouse. We used to have a break room…. He’s since turned it into his DJ studio which surprisingly doesn’t seem to bother anyone. It’s kind of nice to have a Pro DJ around all the time mixing tunes. Need a DJ in Houston? Give him a shout!

contact ext. 984

Marta //  is our inside prankster. Officially she handles inside domestics and international sales, but generally she’s busy planning her next prank. Seriously, if you visit the Houston office, beware!

contact ext. 980

Rescue Team // 

Warehouse // Our resident rescue cat. The warehouse guys named here wareshous... somehow it stuck! She was living in the warehouse the first day we came to look at it, and never left. Soon after we moved in, she blessed us with a litter of kittens, and has since been spayed! Generally she’s in someones lap, or busy knocking everything off their desk, waiting for them to pick it up so she can do it again. If you hear a meow in the background, she’s just saying hello! 

bruno.jpgBruno // Our resident pit bull rescue. Bruno showed up at the warehouse covered in blood and with an uncountable number of bite wounds. As far as we can tell, he was a bait dog, and had been dropped off by the bayou to fend for himself. Fortunately he has made a complete recovery, and has become one with the SA wolf-pack. We’ve got him setup with his own kennel out back complete with sun-shade and misting system to keep him cool. As much as we’d love to, we can’t keep him forever, and are actively seeking a permanent home where he can get even more attention. His calm demeanor, and genuine affection makes everyone he comes in contact with question their bias against pit bulls, including ours.

mr-jenkins.jpgMr. Jenkins // Resident foster Terrier mutt. Did we mention we’re all animal lovers? He just showed up in our parking lot one day begging for food and water. We’ve not yet been able to locate his owner, and have put him up for adoption. In the meantime, he hangs out in the warehouse, and keeps guard over all of the inventory. He gets especially grouchy when the FedEx and UPS trucks show up. He’s sure to let them know he’s got an eye on them!

How do you fill all those orders? //

As we’ve grown, we’ve partnered with fulfillment centers across the US that process our shipments for us. They store our inventory, and then take care of the shipping logistics for us.  In many cases we ship direct from the manufacturer (esp for parts.), and/or ship the item from the manufacturer to the fulfillment center then to the customer. Other times the products are shipped straight to you from the manufacturer. Currently we’re focused on getting our Houston warehouse stocked with the most popular items, and are shipping those from there straight to the customer. This is the fastest and most efficient way, but also the most expensive way, so we try to find a balance. If you’re ever worried about availability of an item, just call, and we’ll get an answer for you in a jiffy!  

In summary//

We’re real people, enjoying what we do, and want to make sure your experience is one you’ll enjoy so much, you’ll keep coming back. We are not Amazon, Wal-Mart, Guitar Center, or any other huge big-box store, but do try to operate lean to where we can get close to their big box pricing while still being able to take the time to enjoy great conversation with each of our customers, and add real value to their transaction. We’re a group of honest hard working people, striving to please our honest hard working customers!

Had a great experience? //

We’d love to hear about it!

Had a bad experience? // We hope not! But if you did... 

We want to hear about it, and see what we can do to make it right. We’re not perfect, and want to make sure we learn from our mistakes, and do everything we can to make it up to you. 

We love chatting with our customers, so give us a call!



All items we sell are Brand New and Factory Sealed, unless otherwise stated. We have modeled our business much like a wholesaler, selling in huge volume thus passing the discount along to you (the customer) and giving you the lowest possible everyday!

Offices //

3301 Cline St.
Houston, TX 77020
Los Angeles Showroom (New Location Coming Soon)
4930 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601


Our Business Hours are 9am-5pm CST If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

To all of you, from all of us here at Spectrum Audio - Thank you for your business!

// Spectrum Audio

(aka John, Shelly, Mike, Rob, Marta, Bobby, Bruno, Mr. Jenkins, and Warehouse ;-)