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Essential Studio Equipment 101: Part 3 - The Magic Box

Armed with a good understanding of how we handle sound at the very beginning and very end of our recording chain, let’s get to the nitty gritty of cramming all of that audio into those magical boxes we call computers so it can be manipulated and mixed.The core of the studioSince the subject of computers [...]

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Essential Studio Equipment 101: Part 2 - Capturing Sound

The previous article in this series covered the essentials of how to get sound out of a recording system. Let’s talk about grabbing sound out of the air and converting it into waves of electrons so we can record it .CablingTalking about cabling is about as exciting as a lecture on the evolution of traffic [...]

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Essential Studio Equipment 101: Part 1 - Monitoring In The Studio

Music technology gets a bad rapI’m kind of tired of the bad rap that music technology gets. The advent of the microchip seems to be the social whipping boy of the modern age. While I do agree that technology can suck the life right out of a creative person's brain, it can also enable creativity [...]

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Overview of the BLU-100 and BLU-50 by BSS audio

The demanding applications that sound system installers face are becoming more complex. Examples of this increasing complexity range from stadiums that require large distributed sound reinforcement to historical buildings (such as cathedrals or debate halls) that were acoustically designed to broadcast an orator's voice without the aid of electronics. These two examples become a reverberation [...]

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Chauvet DJ Geyser RGB Jr. Effect Fogger Overview

Chauvet DJ Geyser RGB Jr. Effect Fogger Overview. Pyrotechnics, fog machines, lasers and DJ lighting: It's all about taking the crowd's breath away. Unfortunately, a lot of those awe inspiring effects that take the crowd's breath away will also take the DJ's money away, quickly. For most DJs that don't also moonlight as bank robbers, every [...]

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Who's excited for NAMM 2016?

Spectrum Audio will be at NAMM in Anaheim, CA from Jan 21-24. If you want to set an appointment, please contact Mark. See you there! 

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Upgraded Website!

Hey Guys! We just successfully upgraded our website to a new platform! it will help us serve you better as we continue to grow. It's 10 times as fast as our old site, more organized, and easier to get what you want even quicker! We hope you like it! If you experience any issues, please drop us [...]

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