​Recording Chops Workshop: How To Record Drums

Recording the drums can be like juggling eight or more balls at the same time. While there is a lot of detail to pay attention to, the engineer needs to keep a healthy view of the whole sonic picture and how it coheres together to form the backbone o

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Recording Chops Workshop: How To Record A Piano

There are only two groups of people who do not shudder with fear when faced with recording the acoustic piano: The well versed and the completely oblivious. Most other recording engineers tend to secretly break a sweat when looking forward to a criti

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​Recording Chops Workshop: How To Record Great Bass

It’s ironic that bass guitar is such a conundrum for so many recordists. While the importance of bass in a mix cannot be overstated, it is the very thing that perplexes aspiring audio engineers. Be assured that bass mastery is achievable. To become a

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