Crown CTS1200USP4CN 600 Watt @ 4 Ohms/70V with PIP-USP4 Card 2-Channel Power Amplifier

Crown CTS1200USP4CN 600 Watt @ 4 Ohms/70V with PIP-USP4 Card 2-Channel Power Amplifier

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The CTS1200USP4CN is a 2-channel, 600-watt power amp rated at 4 ohms or 70V operations and included the PIP-USP4 card.

Crowns CTs Series amplifiers provide exceptional performance, flexibility and value for installed sound applications. CTs Series amplifiers feature independent selection of high and low impedance operation for a specific channel, plus power levels and features that were carefully chosen to match the requirements of fixed install design. Easy integration with HiQnet and CobraNet allows CTs amplifiers to deliver a comprehensive lineup of monitoring and control features along with digital audio transport for an award-winning digital audio solution.

The amplifier shall contain a 3rd generation DSP-based PIP (Programmable Input Processor) module, which shall connect the amplifi er to a 100 Mbps Ethernet network, allowing it to be remotely controlled and monitored via System Architect software. In addition, the input module shall allow the transport of real-time digital audio via CobraNet over the same Ethernet network.

Crown CTS1200USP4CN Features:

  • High power density. All two channel models and four channel model in a 2RUchassis, eight channel model in a 3RU chassis
  • Crown Switching Power Supply for lighter weight
  • Selectable "Constant-Voltage" or low-impedance (4/8 ohm) operation perchannel on 2-channel models, and per channel-pair on 4-and 8-channel models
  • 100V direct outputs on CTs 2000, CTs 3000, CTs 4200, and CTs 8200
  • Legendary Crown class-I (BCA) and AB+B output topologies offer the best inamplifier reliability
  • 4- and 8-channel models offer perfect independent power solutions formulti-zoned systems "FIT" (Fault Isolation Topology) circuitry on 4- and8-channel models isolates fault conditions without affecting neighboringchannels
  • Comprehensive array of indicators provide accurate diagnostics
  • Two-channel models are fully PIP2-compatible. Multi-channel models acceptMC accessory modules.
  • Crown CTS1200USP4CN Specifications:

  • Maximum average power:
  • 2 Ohm Dual (per channel): 250W
  • 4 Ohm Dual (per channel): 600W
  • 8 Ohm Dual (per channel): 600W
  • 16 Ohm Dual (per channel): 300W
  • 70V Dual (per channel): 600W
  • 100V Dual (per channel): 600W (with T-170V or TP-170V)
  • 4 Ohm Bridge: 500W
  • 8 Ohm bridge: 1200W
  • 16 Ohm Bridge: 1200W
  • 140V Bridge: 1200W
  • See data sheet in the documents tab for a full list of specifications.
  • Default 1 Year

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