Klark Teknik SQUARE-ONE-SPLITTER Square ONE 8-Channel Mic Splitter

Klark Teknik SQUARE-ONE-SPLITTER Square ONE 8-Channel Mic Splitter

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The Square ONE Splitter provides a simple solution with a high-performance, Midas XL8-inspired pre-amp design. Packaged in a 2RU, eight-channel format.

To increase versatility and provide additional value, a third set of transformer-isolated independent (fixed gain) outputs are provided in addition to the Square ONE Splitter's ability to function as a 1:16 media split.

Klark Teknik SQUARE-ONE-SPLITTER Features:

  • Midas XL8-inspired mic preamps with a dynamic range of >140dB. With an extremely high CMRR that accommodates input levels up to +22dBu.
  • 9-Position rotary gain switch per input - A simple 5dB resolution 'stepped' rotary control to provide gain adjustment for both main outputs from 0dB to +40dB to easily match any signal level (mic or line).
  • 30 Hz Hi-pass filter with switch and status LED per input - Eliminates unwanted subsonic information, increases headroom in the mixing console inputs, amplifiers and loudspeakers.
  • Inputs duplicated on front and rear panels - for convenient connection options, either internal to the patch rack, or directly into the front panel.
  • Transformer-isolated gain-independent outputs - Located on the front panel for easy connection of recording devices and outside broadcast facilities. Transformers provide superior galvanic isolation; fixed-gain status prevents unexpected changes in level during performances.
  • Front-panel and remote 48V switching with status LED per input - Phantom power activation can be switched remotely from the +48V supply on any mixing console connected to the electronically balanced outputs.
  • Solo bus with integral headphone amp and level control - Allows the mic amp performance and level to be monitored directly from the front panel. Also an invaluable aid when fault-finding in line systems.
  • 1:16 media split function with front and rear panel status indication - Input 8 can be routed to ALL 16 rear-panel XLRs simultaneously via a single recessed switch on the rear panel. Ideal for press feeds and many other multiple-signal distribution applications
  • Separate ground lift switch with LED status indicators for each set of rear panel outputs - Eliminate hums, buzzes and other ground-related undesirable audio artefacts.
  • Individual 4-Segment LED output metering for each input - 3 colors, easy-to-see instant status indication (-15, 0, +12, +21dBu)
  • 2 RU all-steel chassis
  • Universal power supply - Auto voltage sensing, operates anywhere between100-240V (10%).
  • Inputs (8 mic/line):

  • Type: Electronically balanced analog female XLRs (Pin 2 hot)
  • Maximum input level: +22dBu
  • Input impedance: 5k ohms
  • Common mode rejection: -80dB at 1kHz (typical), unity gain (0dB)
  • Ratio (CMRR): -100dB at 1kHz (typical), maximum gain (+40dB)
  • Outputs: (16 rear panel):

  • Type: Analogue, electronically balanced, male XLRs (Pin 2 hot)
  • Operating level: 0dB
  • Maximum level: +22dBu
  • Output impedance:Signal drive capacity:

    Outputs (8 front panel):

  • Type: Analogue, transformer isolated balanced, male XLRs (Pin 2 hot)
  • Operating level: -6dB
  • Maximum level: +22dBu
  • Output impedance:Signal drive capacity:

    Headphone output (1):

  • Type: Analogue, TRS jack socket
  • Rating: 750mW (nominal 50 ohm load)
  • Terminations (Audio, Front panel connectors):

  • Channel input: 8 x AA series female XLRs (labelled "IN 1" to "IN 8")
  • Isolated output C: 8 x AA series male XLRs (labelled "TX OUT 1" to "TX OUT 8")
  • Headphone output: one 1/4" TRS balanced jack socket
  • Terminations (Audio, Rear panel connectors):

  • Channel input: 8 x AA series female XLRs (labelled "IN 1" to "IN 8")
  • Electronic output A: 8 x AA series male XLRs (labelled "OUT A")
  • Electronic output B: 8 x AA series male XLRs (labelled "OUT B")
  • Power:

  • 3-pin IEC
  • Performance:

  • Frequency response*: 0.5dB (input to output), 20Hz to 20kHz
    (* Unit powered, all filters bypassed, unity gain and output terminated with 20k ohm balanced loads.)
  • Distortion: <0.02% @ 1kHz, 0dBu at unity gain
  • Dynamic range**: Electronically balanced outputs: >122dB (22Hz-22kHzunweighted)
    (**Unit powered, both inputs terminated with 150 ohms, allfilters bypassed, unity gain set to 0dB and outputs terminated with 20k ohmsbalanced loads.)
    Transformer isolated outputs: >140dB (22Hz-22kHz unweighted)
  • Noise floor***: Unity gain (***Unitpowered, all inputs terminated with 150 ohms, all filters bypassed, outputsterminated with 20k ohms balanced loads.)
    Mic EIN @ +40dB gain <-128dBu(22Hz-22kHz unweighted)
  • High pass filter:

  • Filter frequency: -3dB @ 30Hz
  • Filter slope: 12dB per octave
  • Power Requirements:

  • Voltage: 100VAC to 240VAC 10%
  • Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
  • Consumption: <35W
  • Dimensions:

  • 19" W x 7 7/8" D x 3.5" H (482 mm x 200 mm x 88 mm)
  • 2 RU High
  • Weight:

  • Net: 4.5 kg
  • Shipping: 5.7 kg
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